Perks and Pick-Ups

  • Order your "Cup of Joe" T-shirt today. We expect a new shipment soon, and employees get one for free!
  • Following our steady growth strategy of one new store each month, a new PersuadeCafé will open in Birmingham, AL, in February.

  • Our Colorado Springs store received the highest customer satisfaction ratings on our recent survey. It's always nice to hear about happy customers and the great employees who serve them!

  • Welcome Mark Parsons, who joins PersuadeCafé as our chief technology officer. Mark brings a wealth of experience from retail and consulting companies.

  • Scones are coming in March. Watch for plain, blueberry, and strawberry to complement our bakery selections.

  • Our Pittsburgh, PA, store just topped $1mm in revenue. Congratulations! Keep up the great work, team.

  • Thanks to all of you, as a company, we contributed $114,000 to the American Cancer Society. PersuadeCafé matched all of the funds you raised locally, and we're proud to make this donation on behalf of our many communities.